A few years ago I heard a message at Red Rocks Church that immediately sent me into the creepy crawl space in my parents’ basement to search for my old Children’s Bible. Not the official, engraved, pristine King James “Baby’s First Bible” that every tiny human born into a Christian family is oddly gifted on […]

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Most people living here in Nashville are transplants. Growing up in Denver where natives are so rare they pridefully represent with bumper stickers, I’ve been familiar with this culture most of my life. These aren’t cities where people grow up and grow old. They are cities people flock to when they are escaping their small […]

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A 3am thunderstorm was raging outside. I was neither sleeping well nor spiritually peaceful, the physical reality outside reflecting the chaos of my inner world. I rolled out of bed, grabbed my Bible, and started boiling some water for a cup of tea. It seemed there was no chance of the storm calming down outside. […]

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D A T I N G : D E A R • S I N G L E • M E N

Dear Single Men, I see you. Serving, worshipping, working hard, laughing, loving people, chasing after Jesus. I didn’t always notice you. I wondered if there were any good guys left. The ones I did see all seemed to have wedding rings or a girl on their arm. I’m so sorry. I see you now. I admire you. […]

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D A T I N G : D E A R • S I N G L E • W O M E N

Disclaimer: After talking with friends one night about those of us who seem to be perpetually single within the Church, I started writing a letter to encourage the single men in my community. However, I quickly realized I couldn’t challenge them before I admonish women. I and my fellow sisters have most certainly contributed to […]

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I was still trying to sort through God’s plans and muster the faith to move across the country to an unknown city, a friend considering the same kind of leap. We were on a walk one fall afternoon, watching the sun set behind the Rocky Mountains,  when she said, “I don’t know… If I were […]

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Manna. I’m not praying for it. If you ask me to pray for proverbial manna from heaven, I will not. You’ve been forewarned. And I say that with so much love in my heart. I’ve often heard people ask God to send “manna.” Manna from heaven like God gave the Israelites in the desert. It […]

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S L O W • F O R • JOY

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. Philippians 1:6 I like to know how things end. If I’m binging a new-to-me tv show, I’m the person who will google what happens with each […]

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I’m not typically a chatty person. Some people are, and that’s great. Some people repeat themselves more than necessary, some have a lot of new and wonderful words to say, and some just love the sound of their own voices. I, on the other hand, tend to only say what I absolutely need to, and […]

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“Don’t believe everything you see.” I woke up with this thought in my head this morning… A gentle instruction from the Lord, and a sweet reminder that faith is the assurance of what we do NOT see. When God speaks, we won’t often see those promises unfold right away, and most of the time, our […]

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