“Don’t believe everything you see.”

I woke up with this thought in my head this morning… A gentle instruction from the Lord, and a sweet reminder that faith is the assurance of what we do NOT see.

When God speaks, we won’t often see those promises unfold right away, and most of the time, our present situation will look like the total opposite of what He said. Everything around us will look like it’s not going to happen, like there is no way.

Yesterday I received a pretty specific prophetic word that basically confirmed all the things I’ve heard God saying already; it just came through a new voice for additional authentication. And I’m so grateful for the timing, because my current reality smacked me in the face with a vengeance just a few hours later. 

I went from standing tall and filled with hope to being knocked down on the ground with a broken heart, ready to call it quits, leave my church and my home, run for the hills, adopt 47 cats, and never speak to anyone again. Which is crazy, yes. But don’t we all get a little irrational when we make decisions based on our feelings?

The enemy will use our surrounding circumstances to taunt us, distract us, and try to talk us into quitting. This is exactly why God shares His heart’s desires with us – so we can rely on His Rhema Word instead of our five senses and keep our eyes fixated on Him instead of the problems around us. 

Because God keeps repeating His promises to me, I am able to stand back up and re-encourage my heart. I can choose to partner with faith in what I don’t yet see instead of partnering with the fear I feel from what I do see.

Friends, if God spoke a word, if He has promised something and it looks like all hope is lost, remind yourself of what He said. Remind yourself of every other time He’s been faithful. He is a God who keeps His promises. You do what you can do, and let Him do what only He can do. Walk in obedience and full surrender and trust that He’s not finished yet.

Our present reality is not God’s reality. Facts are not Truth. Don’t trust everything you hear. Don’t believe everything you see.

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